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Key to Kelp

Key to Kelp

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Use to help against extreme heat & drought!

Kelp is rich in nutrients, mainly potassium. Great for veg & bloom and when applied to foliage, kelp may be more available to a plant than through its roots. Helps against heat & drought conditions.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen(N) 1%
0.1% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
0.9% Water Soluble Nitrogen
Soluble Potash(K2O) 13%
Derived From: Kelp (ascophyllum nodosum) & Potassium Hydroxide

Directions For Use:
Root Drench: 1/2-1 tsp/gal H2O
Soil/Top Dress: 1 tsp/gal soil
Hydro/Aero: 1/2-1 tsp/gal H2O
Foliar: 1/2-1 tsp/gal H2O
Tea: 1/4-1 tsp/gal H2O

Use this product in the rooting/vegetative & fruiting/bloom stage of plant life.

Use dechlorinated/R.O./high quality H2O (quality may change seasonally). Keep nutrient mix/H2O aerated & below 73 degrees. Maintain proper pH levels, between 5.5-6.8. Monitor PPM & EC with meter. This is a supplement, use in addition to current regimen. Change nutrient mix every week.

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