Soil Biology - Enzymes Part IV - Microbial Based

Microbially based - What does that mean and what makes it different?

Being microbially-safe is not the only determining factor in the effectiveness of an enzyme product. A microbially-safe enzyme can be produced in a lab and works on a one-time basis. This means that once the enzymes in the product have done their job, that’s it. When it's gone it's gone. This means that you need to apply the product consistently throughout the entire season, every season, in order to gain the maximum benefit. So, how do we combat this?

The answer is a microbially-based enzyme product. What is a microbially-based enzyme? A microbially based enzyme features immediately available enzymatic ability upon application, and contains the microorganisms responsible for colonizing the environment. These microorganisms actually continue to create enzymes via their natural metabolism. This means that if continually inoculated, continually fed the proper food (the “buildup” that you are experiencing if you are using organic products in high concentrations), these microorganisms will produce enough enzymes that over time, you will need to apply less and less while still maintaining the effectiveness of the product. 



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