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Feeding Your Soil

An Introduction Proper field amending/prep is a laborsome, complex and multi-stage process that is often misunderstood; and its importance is nearly always underestimated. The old school approach of feeding the plant is being replaced with the more sustainable approach of feeding the soil. Properly fed soil means the restoration of the natural organisms in the soil to recreate a restored, close to natural environment. Over time the soil will approach equilibrium and when done correctly will become more self-sustaining and drastically reduce fertilizer needs/costs. First and foremost, at Key To Life we believe in the proven concept of feeding the soil, not just feeding the plant. There is a lot more going in your soil than even a comprehensive lab...

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Micronutrients - Mo

Molybdenum is required last and in the least amount, BUT that does not mean by any means that it is not completely and absolutely essential. It is actually essential for enzymes that convert nitrate to nitrite, then to ammonia, then amino acids.

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Micronutrients - B

Boron is a big time helper molecule in the system. It has a synergistic relationship with more  nutrients than any other micronutrient in the system. When combined with Calcium, Boron helps to synthesise cell walls. When combined with specific enzymes, it helps regulate hormone levels.

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Micronutrients - Cu

Copper actually plays a surprising amount of roles within a plant system. It is part of enzymes essential for the formation of chlorophyll. It also plays a role in lignin synthesis, photosynthesis, plant respiration and metabolism of carbohydrates and other plant proteins.

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Micronutrients - Mn

Manganese is absolutely a true micronutrient. It is necessary in very small amounts relative to other nutrients, but it is still completely essential. It is required for respiration, photosynthesis and nitrogen assimilation as well as pollen proliferation and pollen tube growth.

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