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Micronutrients - Fe

Iron is one of the most important micronutrients in the nutrient food web. Very much like Calcium, it has a plethora of antagonistic relationships in soils and root systems. When it is out of balance it can cause a plethora of issues including chlorosis.

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Micronutrients - Na

Sodium is a minimalistically-essential nutrient that uses the power of osmosis.to assist with nutrient uptake. Sodium is the base of most traditional ag fertilizers. Sodium efficiency is extremely, extremely rare.

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Micronutrients - Mg

Magnesium is considered somewhat a secondary nutrient and somewhat a micronutrient. It is right on the border of secondary/micronutrient due to the level at which it needs to be present.

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Micronutrient Intro

Micronutrients are just as essential as the rest of the nutrients, but they are required at extremely low levels. This week we’ll explore part I featuring 4 of the 8 major micronutrients and their benefits: Magnesium, Sodium, Iron & Zinc.

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Secondary Nutrients - Na

Sodium is only considered a secondary nutrient because of the sheer amount of sodium that plants can take before there is a problem. Most plants are extremely salt-tolerant. Salts, in a form, are actually necessary to promote metabolism and concentrate carbon dioxide.

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