Hemp for CBD Isolates / Full Plant Extracts

The 'bushiest' of the Hemp plants!

Hemp for Cannabinoid (CBD) isolate and full plant extract are very unique in the Hemp industry. It is usually treated very similar to THC cannabis. It is often planted with even, row-formed spacing. The plants produce a significantly higher ratio of flower to seed and stem material. When farming this crop, high amounts of specific fertilization directly affect the size of the yield.

This is a high performance crop, capable of high yields, and VERY high concentrations of desirable extracted materials/compounds. These varieties have flowers that look VERY similar to female THC cannabis flowers, with bright, distinguishable trichomes and strong terpene profiles. They have significant bilateral growth and thick, woody stalks. Their roots often exceed the diameter of the main stems of other hemp varieties. Your goal is to create as much clean, high content flower as possible so that you can get the highest return during the extraction process.

Harvesting hemp for CBD / full plant extract is much different than the previous methods discussed. This style of plant is usually hand harvested and hung to dry. Some people leave them on the ground to dry; however, this is being abandoned due to the high value of these plants and the potential for in-field molding to occur. Now people are making efforts to shade them from the sun’s direct light and left to hang dry, similar to tobacco. Some farmers hang dry them under a hoop house out in the field, but now, farmers are migrating toward the drying of these plants in barns. As the crop builds more demand we see this style of Hemp being treated like more traditional THC flowers / cannabis.

...Check in next week for details on Multi-Purpose Hemp!

“Garden responsibly, because we did not inherit this planet from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children!”

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